In addition to our ER program the Centre provides access to crises and generalist counselling.  This is a FREE service with experienced, mature age student counsellors.  Crisis counselling provides immediate, short-term help for those people who are experiencing an event that produces emotional, mental, physical, and behaviour distress or problems.  The Centre is not funded to provide counselling however we see this service as a much needed part of building a sustainable future and have partnered with the Australian College of Applied Psychology to continue to provide a FREE service to the Redland community.

To access our counselling program please call us on 07 3245 2117.  During your conversation please state that you would like to access our FREE counselling program.  The receptionist will take your name, number and suburb you live in and may ask you to briefly your circumstances to ensure you are listed for either crisis or generalist type counselling.  If you are not confident explaining your circumstances please do not feel pressured to do so just simply state you need to book into the program – you may even like to request your preferred counsellor.  Your appointment will be confirmed during your call by the Receptionist.  Counselling will be undertaken in the Centre located in 29 Loraine Street, Capalaba on Wednesday and Thursday weekly.

Currently we have two counsellors; one male (William) and one female (Debbie).

The FREE service commences on 15 May 2017.